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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.


Creative Craft Collaboration

In this specialized program developed and run by past Gate 27 residents Bilal Yılmaz and Lydia Chatziiakavou, we are hosting one artist each year to work in mutual collaboration with local craftspeople in Istanbul and support them in developing their project.

This is a project that brings together craftspeople and creators (artists & designers) in order to activate mutual cooperation. The crafts industry has immense cultural and economic potential, just because craftspeople’s skills are based on traditional handmade techniques does not mean that they can only produce traditional objects. Through creative collaborations that avoid “traditional” imagery, the program aims to go against the romanticized view of craftsmanship and reveal the creative, innovative, economic and artistic potential of crafts in order to make us reconsider its relationship to the creative industry.