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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.


Earth Notes

Gate 27’s main program is devoted to sustainability and learning how to face the global ecological crisis. Our plan of action includes becoming an environmentally friendly and sustainable institution. As such, the main areas of operation are:

  • Permaculture Garden: The building of a regenerative food garden that the Gate 27 resident and staff will incorporate into their daily routines.

  • Earth Notes Workshops: Educational series about the climate crisis, sustainability, and ecology organized in partnership with various institutions, hosted at the Gate 27 garden. Workshops aim to motivate people about becoming more self-conscious about our duty to maintaining a healthy planet for future generations.

  • Discovery Talk: Gate 27 is a program that organizes dialogue series to encourage dialogue and brainstorming about the layers and concepts of ecological transformation. In this context, the first workshop was held under the name of Discovery Talks in cooperation with the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) with a focus on the “adaptation” part, one of the main headings of adaptation and mitigation in climate studies, with the aim of enabling people from different contexts to establish new social networks.