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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.

Frequently Asked Questions

About application

Gate 27 residency program welcomes artists, researchers, and professionals in visual arts, curation, literature, music, architecture, and design. In this way, we aim to create and maintain new collaborations by bringing together our guests working in different disciplines and strengthening their creative perspectives. 

There is not an application fee for Gate 27 residency program. 

Gate 27's residency program duration varies according to its locations. Applicants can apply for a 4-12 week residency program for our Yeniköy premises. Those who want to join Gate 27's residency program in Ayvalık can apply only for 4 weeks.  

We decide the allocated time for the applicant's project according to their needs after conducting interviews with the applicants, and we notify the applicants. 

Applications are opened annually in the fall and are accepted for one month. Projects submitted outside the application period are not evaluated. 

The application process is announced via our website, social media accounts, and e-newsletter. 

Gate 27 team pre-evaluates the applications under the guidance of Gate 27's Advisory Board in line with Gate 27's mission and vision. 

Then, an independent evaluation jury is invited to assess the applications in the light of the following criteria and creates a short list: 

  • Compliance with the goals indicated by United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, specifically with articles 11, 12, 13, and 16. 
  • Cooperation with Gate 27's corporate collaborators, corporate and individual network, and benefiting from production opportunities, 
  • Reaching an interdisciplinary output by bringing together different disciplines and production techniques, 
  • The social, environmental, economic, and creative impact of the project output, 
  • Developing new professional opportunities at the end of the residency period for both the resident and Gate 27,  

Gate 27 team examines the project's purpose, needs, and portfolio of the applicants, then organizes interviews with the shortlisted applicants. The team checks the provided references. 

The duration of the residency is agreed upon with the applicant according to the needs of the project and the current schedule of Gate 27. 

The principle of equality is applied throughout the evaluation process. 

The facilities provided by Gate 27 vary according to Gate 27’s premises.  

In Yeniköy: 

  • Spacious and communal working areas intertwined with nature, 
  • Production workshop with basic materials and tools (circular saw, table saw, drill, sander, angle grinder, hand tools), 
  • Private room and bathroom, 
  • A fully equipped communal kitchen where residents can cook their meals, 
  • Supplying essential food shopping needs weekly, 
  • Public transportation support every week, 
  • Opportunity to communicate with Istanbul culture and art environment, 
  • Opportunity to benefit from the art workshops, science laboratories, and library of Sabancı University, which is among the corporate collaborators of Gate 27, 
  • Event opportunity that focuses on art professionals, institutions, and artists.


In Ayvalık: 

  • A quiet and isolated work and accommodation area intertwined with nature, 
  • Private room and bathroom, 
  • The working area within the accommodation area ,
  • Daily meals 
  • Round-trip transportation support to Ayvalık and Cunda once a day, 
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with Ayvalık's contemporary art scene, 
  • Opportunity to connect with artists, curators, art professionals, and other cultural and art venues working in Ayvalık. 

Artists residing outside of Istanbul and Turkey are invited to visit Gate 27's premises in Istanbul. This initiative aims to introduce artists to Istanbul's cultural and artistic environment and connect them with a new network. Additionally, the Istanbul location provides better opportunities for art production.

At the Ayvalık campus of Gate 27, we invite artists who either live in Istanbul or have strong connections with cultural and art communities in Istanbul. The unique and secluded environment of Ayvalık allows our residents to concentrate on their projects. As a coastal city, Ayvalık offers limited opportunities for art production and networking. We expect the projects of the invited residents to have a connection with the region.

During the residency

You can easily reach Gate 27 by public transport or taxi. You can find transportation alternatives in the residency manual we share with our guests. 

Gate 27 does not charge any fees for the application and accommodation. In addition, it provides 200 TL per week for the in-city public transportation card for residents in Istanbul and one round-trip city transportation support per day in Ayvalık, free of charge. 

While essential food shopping is carried out in Istanbul per week, three meals are offered free in Ayvalık every day. 

In addition, Gate 27 supports the promotion of the residents and their projects by offering public and media relations plans, both printed and digital. Only the essential goods determined by Gate 27 are provided for weekly food needs.  

Guests are responsible for all their expenses, except for the financial and non-financial supports mentioned above. 

Gate 27 does not provide any financial support for the artwork production or project expenses. However, it ensures that the resident is brought together with the relevant stakeholders to realize the related production. In this context, residents can benefit from Sabancı University's art workshops and scientific laboratories free of charge, subject to availability. 

 Gate 27 does not support any visa application fee, flight tickets, or similar international or intercity transportation; in-city airport transfer, taxi, or chauffeured vehicle support. 

Guests are expected to actively work on the projects they have applied for the program, to be open to communication with local cultural and artistic actors and artists, to participate in the process documentation video organized by Gate 27 at the end of their residency to convey their residency process. 

In addition, guests are encouraged to contribute to the Gate 27 Collection by donating a work (such as a draft, drawing, artwork, text, or a report) that best describes/represents the process they had at Gate 27. 

You can invite visitors to Gate 27 to show your studio, living, and working space during the day.   

However, your family members, friends, or guests cannot stay with you at Gate 27 during your residency or overnight. 

Istanbul and Ayvalık have different public transportation dynamics.

We provide a public transportation card, which you can use for all public transportation during your stay in Istanbul. We load a certain amount weekly to support your public transportation expenses.

Reaching Taksim Square from Gate 27's location in Istanbul takes 35-40 minutes by bus, depending on traffic conditions. Additionally, you can use ferry, metro and taxi to reach other central places.

Gate 27’s premise in Ayvalık is secluded from the city center. We provide round-trip transportation between our premises and Cunda and Ayvalık center, free of charge, once a day. You can also benefit from the minibuses and intercity buses departing from Ayvalık center.

If you need to travel more frequently to the center or surrounding areas for your project or other reasons, we strongly recommend you rent a car.

As the Gate 27 team, we love pets and live with many cats and dogs on our premises. For the comfort and health of your and our pets living at Gate 27 premises, you cannot stay at Gate 27 with your pet. 

You can reach Sabancı University by public transport or taxi. You can also benefit from the university's shuttles free of charge.  

In addition, you can stay on campus free of charge during your  work/research period at the university, depending on availability. 

Health and Safety

We care that our residents can spend their residency period at Gate 27 premises in the most comfortable way. Our international residents must have valid international health insurance covering the entire round-trip travel and accommodation at Gate 27 before arrival.   

Our domestic guests must declare their private or public health insurance valid during residency. 

In case of any health problem or emergency, Gate 27 team will direct you to the nearest health institution. You must complete the Health Declaration Form shared with you to inform the health institutions and let them plan the treatment properly. 

If you are intolerant or allergic to certain foods and medications, you must specify it in the Health Declaration Form that we share with you. We will make the necessary arrangements for you. 

We live with many cats and dogs on the premises of Gate 27. In addition, some insects accompany us due to our premises' location intertwined with nature. You must specify your phobias in the Health Declaration Form that we share with you. 

Before joining the residency, our residents must carefully consider this situation at Gate 27 premises. 

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