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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.

Kemal Tizgöl

A Calendar Proposal on the Uncertainty Of Time

2020, 7 hand-shaped, unglazed undercoated stoneware ceramic pieces

50 x 50 x 5 cm

The most crucial word we use to understand, define and embody the concept of time in our minds is “definiteness” or “certainty”. The concept of time, which we define as the “determined” moment in which a formation or an action happens, is happening or will happen, owes its existence to this certainty and definiteness. Or, is it really so? It seems that “time” also got its share from the disease of naming, defining, classifying and as a result, restricting brought about by the modern age. The work titled A Calendar Proposal on the Uncertainty Of Time was born from a series of photographs taken with a mobile phone camera at home, during the curfews in which we were all stuck in our homes in the spring of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. This period, in which the names of successive days were mixed, the weeks and months were blurred, the calendars were emptied and reduced to only numbers and letters, brought along the process of questioning the meaning of time. These self-portraits, reflecting the spatial and psychological oppression the artist felt, emphasize the obscurity of the meanings we attribute to the concept of time as a result of the interrupted relationship between the outside world and the individual.