Burçak Bingöl

Exposing the Earth with the Sky I, II & III

2020, Cyanotype Print on Paper

31,5 x 24 cm

In her artistic practice, Burçak Bingöl constructs new sets of configurations of shaping and association by methods of copying, tracing, destructing and reconstructing. Nourished by personal and cultural past, her works create new fictions in which materials, objects and images are constantly degraded and transformed into one another and they open up a research area by relating conceptually, formally and sensually with the space. 

In this series of works that she produced in September 2020, Bingöl realized an experimental visual research in her studio at Gate 27 Ayvalık which she transformed into a laboratory, and she visualized the local stones and plants using the local weather conditions. She fixed the image of the found material onto the paper with the help of the Aegean sun, using special chemicals and the cyanotype method. With this technique, which is a kind of copying method where the parts that see the light turn to blue and the parts in the dark are not affected, Bingöl has made the time and place directly a part of her artistic process. These abstract images formed by the projection of plants and stones’ images created a series that interweaves time and space by combining olive branches that broke off by the storm at Gate 27 Ayvalık and the local ‘sarimsak’ stone with the September sun.

Burçak Bingöl’s Gate 27 Collection