The 2024 application evaluation process has started

The application process for the 2024 program of Gate 27 has closed on October 31. Thank you for your overwhelming interest in the residency program.

The expected timeline for the evaluation process is as follows:

  • Oct. 31 – Close of the applications. 
  • November: Evaluation of all applications and sending out evaluation results.
  • December: Interviews with the shortlisted applicants.

A panel of five judges will evaluate applications. The panel consists of three independent members, a Gate 27 representative, and the three-member Gate 27 Alumni Evaluation Committee. The committee’s average scoring will be considered as a joint opinion. We will continue with the highest-scoring applications. In evaluating applications for the ORTA Bluesky program, a representative from ORTA will also be included in the judging panel.

Please feel free to send your questions regarding the evaluation process.