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Gate 27, farklı pratiklerin araştırma ve üretim süreçlerini desteklemek ve disiplinlerarası etkileşime zemin yaratmak amacıyla 2019’da kurulmuş bir uluslararası konuk sanatçı programıdır.


Mahzaib Baloch

Yeniköy, May 2022

Mahzaib Baloch is from Quetta, Balochistan. She earned her Master’s in Visual Arts from the National College of Arts Lahore in 2019 after completing her bachelor’s studies from the same institute with a major in Miniature Painting in 2017. She has exhibited her works in various group shows, including Cross Borders at the Swiss Embassy in Islamabad and Time in Space at the Rietberg Museum, Zurich. She was awarded a residency at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts as a Charles Wallace visiting artist 2020-21 recipient.

Her works examine the idea of abiotic constituents possessing life of their own. This is collectively depicted by her affinity towards rocks. A rock is a survivor and endures a lifelong narrative of occurrences, enumerated within its layers. It withstands and gets by. Rocks are seen as heavy and hard masses thriving bravely in the arduous wilderness. Exposed to frost and the sun, rocks crack; they wear out, lacerate, and erode with their brittle insides exposed. These irregularly contorted masses with a very difficult geometry have gone through a lot where the power of nature is honoured with nature’s fierce sensitivity against its entity.

Mahzaib Baloch’s Instagram page.