Gate 27 x Orta

Bluesky Fellowship

A new residency program has been developed in collaboration between the Gate 27 international creative residency program and ORTA, a renowned denim fabric manufacturer from Turkey with over 70 years of expertise in textiles combined with sustainability efforts, as part of ORTA’s Bluesky fellowship program.

With this collaboration, Gate 27 aims to contribute to its sustainability efforts through arts and culture, while ORTA focuses on communicating its sustainability initiatives through arts and culture.

You can reach the details of the residency program developed in collaboration between Gate 27 and ORTA below. You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for your further questions or send an e-mail to us.

MORE AESTHETICS, MORE ETHICS. Are you a Bluesky thinker?

At ORTA, we recognize that global culture, the environment, and our fabrics are all interconnected. With this viewpoint in mind, we seek inspiration from artists who offer diverse aesthetic and ethical perspectives. We define artistry in many ways, seeing it in biology, ecology, systems, and life itself. We believe the future will be shaped by artists who can act as the conduit between art, science, and technology. Our aspiration is to be inspired by the artist’s thoughtware.

ORTA’s future goal is to create artisanal beauty in a world that is scientifically ethical, integrated with culture, in harmony with the environment. As we transition into the regenerative economy, we are challenged by climate stress and resource scarcity—and these challenges require imaginative thinking. We need to question everything. Can living systems regenerate old industrial solutions? Are there other paradigms leading to a more socially equitable life for all? How do we, as individuals, resonate with our ever-changing living environment? Can everything we touch come alive?

We hope you will join us in questioning our mutual path to a more beautiful, regenerative future. Consider this: “What would happen if we all could envision a world we want to live in, instead of preparing for one we don’t?”


Bluesky thinking is century-forward…

70 years of denim innovation can only come
from a century of Turkish textile artisans.
We celebrate Türkiye’s 100-year Republic
and ORTA’s 70 years of artisan excellence.
Together, we uphold the craft,
Together, we are reimagining the next
century of denim manufacturing.

And now, we invite you to collaborate on new possibilities within our new program developed in collaboration with Gate 27.

We welcome your vision for the ORTA.

Thank you.